A light to women on the frontline

Written by  Sophia Burley

In January 2009, God sowed a vision in my heart for a women’s ministry, a ministry where I would minister the gospel and share the love of Jesus to women working the streets in prostitution.

Late on Friday nights we would go out on the streets looking for these women we call “ladies of the night”, and society called prostitutes, inspired by God’s view of these women as somebody precious: a daughter, a sister or a mother who He cherishes. It was challenging because initially these ladies would not engage with us but by God’s grace and our perseverance we were eventually able to talk to them, share the love of Jesus, let them know how precious they are to God by our actions, be a listening ear and demonstrate a non-judgemental attitude. We offered them gift bags with feminine items, a love letter from Jesus with the prayer of salvation at the end of it, hot/cold drinks and snacks.

As the women began to share, we heard stories of their years of being in prostitution, their feelings of no hope and no way out. To these women, this was a way of survival. We felt their hurt and pain.

One night in February 2011, we met Angie. She came over curious as to what we were giving out so we gave her a gift bag and our contact details. A few days later she came to visit us at the drop-in centre we run during the day. Angie was hurting, living a life of guilt, regret, unforgiveness of self and addicted to drugs. She accepted salvation and Jesus into her life that day. Her life has never been the same. We prayed with her for her needs and the favour of God started opening doors.

Angie went into a Christian rehab centre, and as of today she has been completely delivered from addiction to drugs. She has been set free and her life has totally changed. During her time in rehab, her words were: “Not my will Lord, but let your will be done.” She has also said she would have never done this without God and the support of the ministry.

This is a new beginning for Angie – to God be the glory! Women on the Frontline Ministries runs the day drop-in centre called Safe Women’s Project as well as continuing the evening outreach. At the centre we provide help and support to these women, hot/cold drinks, free shower facilities, clothing, food vouchers, a listening ear, and more.

Our future vision is for every woman to live her life free of fear with the liberty to reach her full God-given potential in life as a daughter within the Kingdom of God. We need your support either with prayers, monetary donation or volunteering of time.

If you feel you can invest any of these into a woman’s life, please contact me, Sophia, on 07535 604739 or via emailinfo@wofm.org.uk for further information.


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