Speak God’s Testimony Over Your Business

Most of us know the part of the verse in Rev 12:11 that tells us that ‘they overcame him by the word of their testimony’.

I like to think of the word testimony in its wider meaning – the one that acknowledges God’s Word as the testimony. There are plenty of hints to this in the bible, particularly in the Psalms: ‘I will speak of your testimonies before kings’ and ‘Concerning your testimonies, I have known of old that you have founded them forever’ (119:46 and 119:152). Praise God, His Word is founded forever! A favourite of mine is found in Psalm 19:7, ‘the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple’.

This tells us that the word ‘testimony’ can offer us deeper insight into the greatness of God’s Word, if we will let it. We don’t have to wait until it ‘happens’ before we testify of His Word. It is more than saying, “I testify that I overcame this or that’, it is about proclaiming God’s word (His testimony, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, His Word, His promise) over our lives, over our circumstances, over our situations…. indeed, over our work, our business, our ministry, because these are all blessings that have come from God.

So, as you go forth in your business today, proclaim God’s testimony over it as the Holy Spirit leads and gives you utterance. Remember, it is founded forever!


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