God’s agenda, or our agenda?

Whose agenda are you following, yours or God’s? How can you tell if it’s God’s?

For some this question has no relevance because God doesn’t feature much in their lives anyway. They see Him, at worse, as an out dated idea or myth with no place in modern society, or at best, a bit of a killjoy.

But for those of us who see Him as the One by whose ‘will they were created and have their being’, following His agenda is pretty important.

Look at me!

I once had a dream about lots of people at an event and the lady at the front was speaking, which was pretty much okay. But then she began singing and as she did so she seemed deeply engrossed with her own performance and trying to get everyone to look at her. She was oblivious to what others were doing or thinking.

Meanwhile those in the room, who were listening before, began behaving pretty much the same. They were busy chatting to one another and taking out stuff they had brought to sell or to promote what they were doing. They weren’t interested in what the speaker had to say, or with her singing, and couldn’t wait for the main event to be over so they could get on with their own agenda.

Then there was the toilet: it was disgusting. There was human waste and discarded toilet tissue all over the place.

Whose agenda?

I see this as God saying people are more interested in their own agenda than His. They come not to hear what He has to say, or to do what He wants them to do, but everyone wants to do their own thing. When they start doing this, others copy them.

The result of what it looks like to God is what that toilet looked like.

Social media is like that. We all go to it with our own agenda, though that doesn’t mean that we don’t go to it with God’s agenda… but it’s a model that helps us understand. I have to take this and apply it to my own motivations and the decisions I make. I really don’t want to look like the toilet.

When Jesus was transfigured on the mountain His apostles mistook His agenda for something else. They wanted Him to build earthly altars to Himself and the two prophets with Him in the transfiguration. They wanted to worship them right there on the mountain but Jesus’ agenda was not to reign over Israel in an earthly temple.

The same point was made when Peter tried to save Jesus from the death He came to die. Jesus plainly told Peter that he had no idea what God’s agenda really was.

Threats to God’s agenda

One of the most dangerous things to God’s agenda is following what the world is doing when it comes to the call on our lives. The road is narrow and few there be that find it. If we look at the lives of Jesus, Peter, Paul or any one of the other apostles we will see that they walked a pretty narrow path, sticking to what God had called them to do even in the face of others suggesting or telling them they shouldn’t do it that way. What does following God’s agenda look like to you?

For me, when we follow God’s agenda it looks a bit like the outline of love or charity in 1 Corinthians 13. It will not be puffed up, seeking its own, or envious of anyone.

It will never fail, but produce fruit that remains, and it will do so without sorrow.


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