The gifts women use to lead

Research shows that women lead differently to men. They are more likely to use what is called ‘transformational’ – or interactive – leadership skills to get people to exchange their self-interest for the team’s. Women are more likely to use interpersonal skills and are more conversational. This creates a work environment where it is easier for others to get involved, information and power to be shared, self-esteem to be developed and people to feel excited about their work.

Dion Johnson, an ex-midwife who now mentors women over 40, and one of the panel speakers at one of our past talks on the Gifts God Gives Women for the Markeplace, develops these ideas further by drawing on a woman’s ability to conceive and give birth, and on the roles they often perform in other areas of their lives.

Women are great ‘Synergists’

‘I’ve been thinking about how God has made us women to be “Synergists”, although I’m not even sure if that’s a word!’ she said. ‘Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organisations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than they would be if they had not come together.

‘I think that as women that’s what we do well. We have been equipped by God to “synergise for the greater good”. We take separate ingredients and bring them together to make a meal to feed the family.

‘We receive the sperm and, when combined with the egg, nurture it so it grows into a person.

‘We can take things that are not so obviously related, bring them together in a nurturing way to make something new, useful, and powerful for the greater good of the family, organisation or indeed our world.’

Many of these ‘female experiences’ can be an asset to women in the workplace, helping us to come up with resourceful solutions to a problem.




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What gifts or talents do you have that have helped you as a woman in business or at work?


Many women have a favourite set of ingredients they use to whip up last minute meals at short notice – what three ingredients could you work wonders with?

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