Create a memorable customer experience

Thinking up creative ways to engage the five senses God has given us in order to create memorable experiences for your customers or clients doesn’t take very much, but can pay great rewards.

Simple Truths founder Mac Anderson tells the story of Barbara Glands, an author and speaker who addressed an audience of workers at a grocery store in the USA. She asked them for service stories and that’s where she heard the story about John.

John was a young man who bagged items at a local grocery store on behalf of shoppers. John had Downs Syndrome and loved sayings and quotations and so would write them out on slips of paper and drop one in the bag each day. Soon his practice got the attention of the store manager because his queue always seemed longer than everyone else’s. Customers would rather wait for John to bag their groceries than to go to another till with a shorter queue. He was creating memories for the customer.

Barbara Glands also heard of a sales assistant who would pin flowers on elderly customers and a man in the cold meats section who placed Snoopy stickers on his meat packages. Sure way to get the kids to influence their parents’ purchases! All it takes is the decision to do something that engages one or more of the five senses your customers or clients wouldn’t normally use, or expect to use.

We all have talents and unique ways to serve but it must start from the heart in order to make an emotional connection. That’s what John did.

What three memories can you create today?