How your dad is influencing your success as a businesswoman

Sophie Cornish, co-founder of the hugely successful partly attributes her success as a businesswoman to her father, a businessman and investor who she says gave her self-belief and confidence. She said she’s learned this is a girl’s father’s job.

Research has long told us how important a father is to a daughter’s emotional development but it is interesting to look at the topic further to understand how your relationship with your dad influences your success as a businesswoman today.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia say that if you had a dad who helped out with the housework you are more likely to seek out a better, higher-paid career. They say this is the strongest predictor of young women’s professional ambitions and that if domestic duties were shared equally among both parents, girls tended to grow up with broader career goals.

On the contrary, when mothers do most of the housework girls are more likely to envisage themselves in more traditional roles such as librarian or full-time mum.

Writing in the journal Psychological Science, lead author Alyssa Croft said “Achieving gender equality at home may be one way to inspire young women to set their sights on careers from which they have traditionally been excluded.”

An earlier study on the relationship between fathers and daughters found that while fathers authenticate their sons by doing stuff with them, when it comes to their daughters the real benefit is in talking with them. Mark Morman, professor of communication at Baylor University, described it as the opposite to the masculine style of building closeness – “called ‘closeness in the doing’ – whereas the feminine orientation is talking, ‘closeness in the dialogue’.”

This study, published in the Journal of Human Communication, also found that activities such as sporting occasions can prove to be major turning points in how a daughter experiences leaving home or getting married.

Girls reported feeling more able to stand up for themselves and taking more risks. These are clearly skills needed when running your own business.

The findings can help us understand some of the influences behind our attitudes or behaviour in business, how we visualise and set goals and how we actually run our businesses. Are your sights too low? Do you need more boldness to approach prospects or to take your business into new markets?

Sadly, many women have grown up without their fathers around or with a negative impression from their relationship they had with their fathers. These women often struggle with their personal or career aspirations and this where our Heavenly Father is there to extend His healing touch.

Of course there are so many other factors that can come into play and some women who grew up without their father can find that that is the motivating factor for their actual career success.