May you flavour 2017 in your own way

All serious cooks understand the importance of flavour. In the Caribbean, we create flavour by seasoning.

Seasoning fish, meat or chicken the evening before it was to be cooked was a big thing in our home growing up and although I sometimes take short cuts due to last minute decisions, it remains important in my home.

Some may call it marinating. It’s the same thing. It means to allow food to soak in the flavours of the spices and herbs you’ve seasoned it with. The aim is that food will be tasteful, delicious, savoured and enjoyed.

Good seasoning enhances the nutritional qualities of food; and it makes it more digestible, because our relationship with food is also emotional and psychological. If it smells, looks and tastes good, we’re more likely to enjoy it.

But food is not my point. I use it merely as a metaphor for what I want to say, and it is that you have a flavour and are here to release it to the world. That’s your sole purpose. It’s your soul’s purpose. Release your flavour.

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