The Miracle of True Potential

Many of us overlook our true potential, though we may not think so. But when you seriously consider it, how do you know whether you do or don’t?

I was listening to A W Tozer describing the attributes of God. He was explaining God’s omnipotence, the fact that God being all powerful holds inside Himself all the power that exists anywhere in or beyond the universe. He explained that even when God gives away some of this power, say to enable a man to do some sort of work, God never lets go of it. He gives away power without losing power. God gives away and yet retains because He is all powerful. There is no diminishing in Him.

Tozer went on to explain that given that God holds all power God must be bigger than the power He holds. He illustrated this with a container, say a box or a bottle. That box or bottle cannot hold more in itself than its size. Its content is in proportion to its capacity so you can never get more out of that box or bottle than what can fit within it. You cannot pour more than 50ml into a 50ml bottle.

Fair dues.

You hold more than your physical capacity

This was amusing to me because over the previous few days I had been thinking something that seemed quite the opposite. I had been thinking of how a thing is able to produce more than what seems to fit inside it. I was thinking of this in relation to human beings to be fair, not boxes or bottles. What God has created He has created with this same capacity to hold more than it might appear. We hold more than our physical capacity. The marvellous and scary thing about this is that no one truly knows the full capacity of what a single created entity contains.

Think about yourself. You often never realise what’s inside you until something squeezes you.

Inside you is the power to do so much. You can start a business and grow it beyond your city, region, nation and continent. You can take that business to Mars and the Moon and back. You can write books upon books, design dresses and suits, paint pictures and invent devices and instruments that never existed in this world before you were born. You can overcome depression, negative thinking, low self-esteem and lack of confidence and transform your life into a productive and purposeful one. You can dream dreams, receive ideas and see visions and choose whether or not to pursue them. You can start from one place today and end up in a totally different place emotionally, psychologically and physically not just this time next year, but in the morning.

Let the seed be your mentor

When you look at yourself in the mirror you may not look that huge but your capacity is humongous. When it comes to thinking about what is possible, what lies within with the potential to come out, it matters little about the size of the container. It matters little how big or small you are, how much money you have, or how educated you are.

Ask a seed. Let it be your mentor.

You receive ideas and dreams as seeds. When you look at your idea, see the great big oak that it can become. See it. Then water your seed with research, conversations, brainstorming, reading and learning. What was once a little seed will soon grow into a seedling with little arms, legs and tentacles. See where your seedling takes you because it has a mind of its own. Don’t focus too much on trying to get rid of the weeds that try to choke your attempts – instead, turn them into compost to feed your seedling.

We may not be omnipotent like God but it is clear to see that God has placed inside us the essence of this omnipotence. We bear this image. We are able to do infinitely above what we may think or imagine; whatever we think or imagine, we are able to do more than that.