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Running a business can be lonely experience. Even scary at times! But running a business as a Christian woman can bring additional challenges. You’re likely to approach challenges differently, which can make you feel isolated even when surrounded by other people, especially if they do not share the values you do. When you have other people around you, who understand the challenges you face and are striving toward the same Kingdom goal, it can make the experience of doing business a much more enjoyable, inspiring and rewarding one.

Together we can

1. Learn about and apply the practical reality of Kingdom principles in business and everyday life. The more we learn in this area, the more we are convinced that we are living in a time when God is closing the divide wrongly imposed between the ‘secular’ and ‘spiritual’. He is bringing His sons and daughters to an awareness that He desires His Kingdom principles to be present in every domain of life (on all of the earth as in all of heaven), and that we will never experience the fullness of the abundant life, neither its blessing nor satisfaction, without His presence in every domain. Business is an area where ministry happens, a ministry through which the Holy Spirit is touching and saving lives!

2. We focus on the heart and soul of the woman behind the business. We facilitate support, encouragement and exchange of tips and ideas to all women entrepreneurs who want to maximise their God-given gifts and talents, and draw inspiration for enterprise from His word, the Holy Bible. We believe that God wants us to have lives that are completely built on faith in Jesus Christ, that He desires to have an input in every area of our lives – including work and business!

Christian Women in Business offers a beautiful and needed space for female entrepreneurs to find wisdom, inspiration and solutions to tackle any business challenge, together, as they fulfil the mandate to make disciples and teach them about the wonderful Kingdom of God.

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