Building the right beams and foundations

We are all familiar with the parable of the house built on the sand – you know, the man built his house on the sand and when the storm came it beat on that house and the house fell down. You can find it in Matthew 7:24-27.

Jesus says if we build on the Rock our house will withstand the storm. The house is a representation of our lives, but have we ever stopped to think about how it relates to our business?

In kingdom business there is no separation of the life and the business. In my role as a minister I often get asked to go and pray over the launch of a business because the owner naturally wants it to be blessed. Instead I always feel the need to refer to the life of the person: Is your life grounded in Christ? Is it built on the right foundation? That is of utmost importance because the blessing of the business will come out of the blessing on your life. When God blesses your life, He doesn’t compartmentalise it: He blesses it all! Continue reading “Building the right beams and foundations”


Two bible study lessons from Margaret Thatcher’s life

THE ex-British prime minister Margaret Thatcher may have made a lot of people angry that they would write such mean things about her on her death but I can’t help thinking that she had little choice over the things she did. She came to the earth to do what she was sent to do.

And she may have been something of a novelty as a woman to attract the name Iron Lady, but there are a lot of great lessons we can learn from her life, principles that we would find right there in the bible, especially when it comes to conducting business.

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The gifts women use to lead

Research shows that women lead differently to men. They are more likely to use what is called ‘transformational’ – or interactive – leadership skills to get people to exchange their self-interest for the team’s. Women are more likely to use interpersonal skills and are more conversational. This creates a work environment where it is easier for others to get involved, information and power to be shared, self-esteem to be developed and people to feel excited about their work.

Dion Johnson, an ex-midwife who now mentors women over 40, and one of the panel speakers at one of our past talks on the Gifts God Gives Women for the Markeplace, develops these ideas further by drawing on a woman’s ability to conceive and give birth, and on the roles they often perform in other areas of their lives.

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A Word from Jesus to the Overwhelmed

‘One dish is better’

I was feeling overwhelmed with all the different projects going on in different domains of my life – home, business and church.

There was a point in the day when it seemed as though life’s stuff was moving in on me, like some big bollard, squashing me into a corner. It was some real heavy stuff… but thankfully there is a big difference to wanting to scream on the train and actually screaming…

Have you never felt like that? No? Okay, I must be weird.

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