If you want to grow your business you must do scary stuff

To grow your business, you will have to do things you don’t like. Or things you don’t want to do. Or things that feel scary. Of course, it’s the same for many things in life. There are lots of things we must do that we don’t like. It’s called growing up.

However, the reason why I reference it to business is because, if we want to grow in business, we must keep doing new and scary things we’d rather not, on purpose. We often need to be reminded of this, and sometimes even pushed.

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All the time in the world isn’t yours

In a few days, it will be exactly a year since my school friend of 38 years lost her battle against cancer and passed away. Her name was Jean and she was one of the boldest and strongest women I knew, the life of the party. As the day drew near, one of the last things she said, which still rings in my ears, was, “I thought I’d have more time.”

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How to develop your spring-back factor

While you are working to build your business, you will be turned down. People, events, circumstances and even days, will appear to tell you, No.

God has given you the ability to spring back following such disappointments. This is your spring-back factor, and He gave you this ability to help you to deal with days and moments of discouragement.

Of course, we all know this, and we are supposedly set up to handle stuff that comes our way, but even so, sometimes they can take us by surprise. This mostly happens when we least expect it.

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It will come when you move

Isn’t it surprising the number of times that we hold on, hold back, and fight against taking a step only to find that when we move forward despite our perceived obstacle, it all works out?

Surprising, because we often repeat the same process. Granted, a degree of deliberation and careful consideration is healthy and to be had, especially when making huge decisions, but if the stepping out has anything to do with fear, worry or doubt – kill it and move forward.

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