Keeping it simple

Earlier this year I planned to relaunch Christian Women in Business under a new name, Arable Woman (it means ‘land fertile for producing crops’ and reflects the great potential we all have inside). However, after much prayerful thought, discussions with one or two valued friends, and (friendly) protest from a Christian woman in business, I decided against it.

I started Christian Women in Business in 2009 because I wanted to connect with other Christian women in business. I wanted a space for the sharing and exchange tips, solutions and inspiration that would help women in business. I reasoned that while there are principles that are relevant to business in general there are interests and approaches to business that someone who isn’t a Christian might not understand or appreciate. In addition, women tend to approach relationships differently to men and since relationship building cannot be separated from running a business I hoped that we would grow to understand and apply learning outcomes from lessons gained in the company of women that could help people (both men and women) in business.

Christian Women in Business is a good straightforward name with a well needed purpose so while I’ll still draw from the concepts in found in arable I will keep it simply titled.

I hope CWIBUK will continue to be a space where we can share resources, information about products and services, and business tips and encouragement for the journey. I also hope it will continue to be a place where together we will be able to see what it looks like to run a business with Kingdom principles at its heart.

So, in closing, please share news of events and anything else you think will be of use to other women in business, Christian or otherwise. We have some events coming up in the near future so will keep you updated.