How to develop your spring-back factor

While you are working to build your business, you will be turned down. People, events, circumstances and even days, will appear to tell you, No.

God has given you the ability to spring back following such disappointments. This is your spring-back factor, and He gave you this ability to help you to deal with days and moments of discouragement.

Of course, we all know this, and we are supposedly set up to handle stuff that comes our way, but even so, sometimes they can take us by surprise. This mostly happens when we least expect it.

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The gifts women use to lead

Research shows that women lead differently to men. They are more likely to use what is called ‘transformational’ – or interactive – leadership skills to get people to exchange their self-interest for the team’s. Women are more likely to use interpersonal skills and...

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A Word from Jesus to the Overwhelmed

‘One dish is better’ I was feeling overwhelmed with all the different projects going on in different domains of my life – home, business and church. There was a point in the day when it seemed as though life’s stuff was moving in on me, like some big...

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God’s agenda, or our agenda?

Whose agenda are you following, yours or God’s? How can you tell if it’s God’s? For some this question has no relevance because God doesn’t feature much in their lives anyway. They see Him, at worse, as an out dated idea or myth with no place in modern society, or at...

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Business was God’s idea, not man’s

God set the first example of Spirit-led business by creating a world with some awesome resources that are a blessing to its inhabitants. And then He employed Adam as the first worker to take care of them. Fast forward to the preparation of the arrival of the...

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On the topic of power

The Leveson Inquiry illustrates the topic of power. Lord Leveson had the power to summon anyone to appear under oath as a witness to give evidence during his inquiry into the culture, ethics and practice of the press. Mr Leveson exercised that power to call a number...

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